Scott Barber

“I’ve always been an admirer of well-made things. I enjoy and collect old cars, motorcycles and cowboy guns. Anything that is created with passion gets me going.” – Scott Barber 

In 1995, Scott Barber Apparel was founded. “As President and CEO, I lead all product design and development.  My work takes me across the world to meet and collaborate with different fabric producers, partners and manufacturers. I personally touch every aspect of the apparel that carries my name.

Everyone at Scott Barber wants to exceed your expectations and become your favorite clothing brand.  Meticulous attention is paid to fit so that you will be comfortable and look your very best.  Every detail is important to us, from materials and color palettes to construction details.  We fuss over the width of a belt loop, the color of a button and the depth of a pocket. 

When you’re complimented on how good you look, we’ve done our job.  Above all else, we want to help you to be well-dressed and spend your money on clothes that are really worth owning.  We love what we do. It is a great pleasure and privilege to have you as a customer.” – Scott Barber.

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